After writing my first album, Overwait, I wanted to immediately work on my second album. I wanted to call the album Nightmares. The approach for that album was going to be different. Instead of a physical album, I would put all 9 songs on a website and would be free to download. I messaged Carlos Castaño, a good friend of mine, and asked for his help to produce the album. He asked me if I had anything that I could already record, and I told him, I'd be starting from scratch.

On the first day of meeting him in his studio, we just had a laptop, a mic, and an acoustic guitar. We started fiddling around with chords and we came up with the progression for what would become "Crazy." When we came up with this song, it was back in 2012. There were so many ideas that we wanted to put in it, like an up right bass, horns, crazy riffs. At the time I wanted the Nightmares album to be folk and clean. 8 years later, after deciding to re-record Crazy, I wanted to make it dirtier and louder.

Mike and I decided to call some of our friends to get on this track to make it alive. We got Choi Padilla to play keys on it. Rizza came back and did her thing with the back ups. Gogo played bass, and even did the solo for this one and killed it.

There is a lesson I learned while contemplating the release of this song. I have met some music producers during my stay in LA. And I've made them hear some of my songs. They all say that they love the music but there's a lot I can change to make it more "relevant." And it was bugging me when it came to releasing this song. Things like "make the songs shorter, drums sound too complicated, use this certain sound for the drums, lose the solos...etc." I even told Mike that we will try to make a different mix for the streaming services to try and compromise. Then last minute. I said. Fuck it. I wrote this particular song with my best friends. Recorded it with my favorite musicians. There's a magic in that that you can't get from a drum machine and producers who already made hit songs. Music isn't just about how much money you make from the release. It's about the passion of playing with other people. Creating something together. So this might not fly with the mainstream audience. But at least you'll all hear what a good time sounds like with other musicians.

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