On December 2012, I was working on my second album, Nightmares. I took a different approach to producing this project. I was going to write the songs the same days as I was in the studio recording. At the end of the month, my band and I had finished 8 songs. The deadline to post the album online was the next two days, so we felt like we were pretty much finished with the album. I was not feeling confident about the last song at the time. I felt like we could have ended the album a bit stronger.

I remember being in my mom's house (I was living there at the time) with my good friend, Joseph Wu. He didn't know that I wasn't ok with the last song. We were just working on fixing notes, mixing songs, last minute things before we post the album the next day. it was about 2 AM and we started to get hungry. I think I asked him to go out and get a burger or a pizza. But really I just needed to be alone for a good hour. After he left, I picked up the guitar and started to play. What you need to know about me, is that I take forever to write lyrics to a song. It normally takes me a month or two. But when it came to Rain, it poured out instantly. The whole purpose for writing Nightmares was to come up with songs about hope. The 8 songs prior to Rain felt like they were little ideas. But that night I felt like I needed to write those 8 songs (Crazy, and Stay Strong included.) to produce Rain.

After about an hour, Joseph came back with the food. I had already recorded the guitar. I told him that I wrote one more song while he was away. We recorded the vocal parts together early in the morning. We ended everything at 7 AM. That night I went to the Peninsula with Rizza Cabrera and we launched the album (also at around 5 AM) at their Coffee shop.

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