The first single I am releasing after deciding to rename myself.

Tonight was never supposed to be released. Before I started working on the album "Dare" I was having the longest writer's block. The last time I wrote an idea for a song was Rain, which was late December of 2012. For about 4 years, I could not write a song. I was getting bored of how I sang. I felt like the way I played guitar was getting stale. Being inspired isn't the correct thing to say. There was just something I had to get over before I could write new music, I guess. But after years of trying to come up with something, I decided to think out of the box (for my standards) and try something new. Tonight was my guinea pig. I added instruments that I normally wouldn't use. I used a chord progression that was more practical and simple than what I was used to on "Overwait" and "Nightmares." But I knew that this song was just for me to open my mind. Eventually I put words to the music and it became Tonight. It was just a filler track on Dare, but now that I'm redoing old tracks, I wanted Tonight to be a single. It just shows that there are no "bad ideas," and that it is ok to try new things.

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